11/2016, Unity

A semi-autobiographical tale of what it feels like to be allergic or intolerant to fairly common foods and have to navigate dinner parties, restaurants, and not dying in your own home.

wasd/uldr to navigate. Which one are you? Who even am I? Are any of us just one self? Anyway, get epipens to reduce your size, because lobster makes me swell and bread (for a while) made me very itchy but you can't really cure itchy short of benadryl and I'm already toeing a copyright line. There's no end, because ultimately, what do you do when you're swelled to hell besides abandon the game you're playing and go to the hospital anyway?

I don't own Nyancat, and don't really know why I chose that as an avatar, but I'm also not making money here

Same with epipens, considering I use the off-brand ones as it is

update, 11/2019: i can eat bread again, but it was still a traumatizing time.

Published 27 days ago
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Tagsallergies, epipens, tchaikovsky

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